Creative B is a Proud South African manufacturing company.

Founded in the year 2007, our founder has more than 20+ year’s experience in the manufacturing industry.

We take pride in being a local manufacturer, producing local products and working with other local companies that produce our famous quality fabrics.

Our aim is to provide our customers with the best quality products, not to mention our great after sale service. Despite being in a highly competitive imports industry, where all our competitors Import their products from China, we aim to give the best quality products & prices to our customers.

We guarantee the workmanship of our products therefore we give our customers a peace of mind.

We give our clients the option to personalise and customise their products where possible.

Our vision is to create more local jobs in South Africa, by going local you can create more than 5 job openings. We provide the opportunity to people with no skills, to learn and be able to do the necessary job in a high demanding industry.

We urge our clients to share just as much love as we do for our Country.

Go Local. Because Local is Lekker!
Proudly South African!

By switching to locally manufactured goods you contribute to Job Creation, reduced Imported Goods and reduced Cheap Child Labour that takes place in overseas manufacturing industries. This has a major impact on our economic growth and unemployment rate.

Although it’s undoubtedly times cheaper to produce goods overseas & import it, it surely entails some concern with communication, and staying in control. Local suppliers, are more reactive than the ones further away and that facilitates communication. There’s also hardly any language barrier and it’s a great way to be present, available and oversee the pace of production.

Clear communication and keeping production under control also helps to eliminate hold-ups in customs and delays with overseas shipments. Making profit out of produced goods doesn’t come with an immense delay, so the return can quickly be invested elsewhere within the business. Also, if you consider using domestic labour you also contribute to the local economy.

Small-scale local production helps to eliminate the waste of unneeded products made to adhere to overseas minimums, reduce emissions and energy usage. Not to mention the waste caused during shipment: excessive packaging and labels, aligned with multi-channel transportation, emissions and cost of fuel. Don’t forget the cost of (clearly underpaid and sometimes child) labour operating as a mediator channeling all these processes.

Quality standards may greatly fail due to remote or missed communication. Many unexpected issues may arise, and hands-on approach is definitely preferred when trying to solve them. Fabric flaws and the quality of other minor production details can cause hiccups. A Local Manufacturer however, will have direct control over the quality being sent out and would be much easier for the customer to exchange, return or replace a product that has been damaged.